our ministries



ROCKS is our children's ministry here at Elston Family Church. Our Ministry strives to create Righteous Obedient Children in Kingdom Service. Our passion is for each child to feel that when they walk into and out of our doors that they are loved greatly by God. On Sunday Mornings during our 10:00am service we hold a program called Pioneer Clubs. In Pioneer Clubs there are different clubs for different age groups and the children learn more about the Bible and do different activities that God has created them to do. At this time they will earn badges and work in workbooks to help solidify what we are teaching from God's word. We look forward to meeting your children and showing them love in tangible ways.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact jamieulrich@elstonfamily.org


the deep

The Deep is Elston Family Church's youth ministry.  We strive to make ever student feel welcome and accepted.  We have a lot of goofy times combined with a serious commitment to teaching Biblical truth unashamedly.  If you have any questions please contact jarredmathis@elstonfamily.org.


Heart 2 Heart

Heart 2 Heart is currently not meeting.  Check back with us later to see when changes develop.


Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron is currently not meeting.  Check back with us later to see when changes develop.

F.I.M. (First Impressions Ministry)

Community Hour - 9am Every Sunday

We come together and visit with one another in the church’s foyer.  Light breakfast snacks, bottled water, and coffee are available for purchase.  All profits benefit missions.  We gather with a mission to grow our community closer together and support local and global missions.  It's NOT community without YOU there!


It's our privilege to expresses the love and acceptance that God has for everyone, making people feel welcomed and an important part of the community. We do this by developing genuine relationships with the congregation. It's so much more than a smile and handshake, but that's where it starts!